Native Denims

We are Native

Native denims opened their doors in 2018 at the Chocolate Factory due to a demand for quality and sustainable garments. We are proud to be rekindling what was once a thriving industry but sadly began to diminish from the early eighties due to “fast fashion” where price was valued over quality. These Garments were and still are being sourced from places such as North Africa and Asia where fairtrade does not exist.

Today the wheels of change are happening and demand for ‘slow fashion’ which advocates the principles of using high-quality raw materials, clean environments and fairness for both consumers and producers. Consumers are now more aware about enviornmental and sustainable issues and the ‘buy less, buy better’ attitude is becoming more important. It is with this in mind that Native Denims was established and we are delighted to be able to showcase our Jeans at the Chocolate Factory.

Native Denims, made today, built for a lifetime

Using classic construction methods that are designed inhouse and tailor and made by our ‘Master Maker’ Susan Owens who brings her 35 years of industry knowledge to Native Denims to produce exceptional jeans which we know will bring pride when worn. Working on vintage machines which have been painstakingly sourced globally our jeans are as authentic as can be achieved and comparable to the very best in the market. We are so proud of their construction that we guarantee them for 5 years after which time they can be altered or repaired if required so they can be continued to be enjoyed for years to come.

Clothing has been made in Ireland for millennia, jeans were manufactured for decades. What was once a vibrant industry employing thousands of skilled individuals declined in the ‘80’s and the last of the manufacturers closed their doors by the mid 90’s.

This came about with the emergence of “Fast Fashion” where the bulk of manufacturing went overseas to North Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Currently denim manufacturing is largely concentrated in hubs such as Turkey, China, India and Bangladesh. However, with the advent of “Fashion Revolution”, “I made your clothes” and “Buy Less / Buy Better” there is consumer demand for manufacturers specialising in batches of high-end denim, which will last for years, not months and are not throwaway fashion.

Known as “Slow Fashion” it advocates the principles of using high quality raw material, a clean environment, and fairness for both consumers and producers. Price is sometimes a deterrent for purchasing slow fashion items, but in the long run, one piece of well-designed and well produced clothing will outlive five cheap pieces. In addition, the consumer has comfort that at all stages, that the process is ethical and fair to all involved with good working conditions, is sustainable manufacture and kind to the environment.

These makers have emerged in, England, Wales, US, Canada and Holland and whilst not inexpensive, the consumer is getting a superior product in terms of fabric, fit and construction, which is handcrafted, ethically made, and will last a long time.

We, Native Denim completely support this movement and are now part of this resurgence of makers. The designers, block producers, pattern graders, lay planners, cutters, master makers, machine engineers, fabric specialists, trimmings experts and industrial engineers who collectively have vast knowledge in the art of making high quality jeans still exist in Ireland. Sometimes passed from mother to daughter and father to son, we are some of those individuals. Another generation or two and this knowledge will be lost. We not only want to make great jeans, but we want to impart that knowledge to the next generation, so that it is not lost forever.

We use the best denim fabrics, sourced all over the world. With “Long Staple Cotton” as a minimum being standard, our denim is manufactured by the top sustainable mills in Italy, USA, Turkey, Australia and Japan. Add vast comprehension in the art of pattern drafting and grading, where we do not do “one size fits all”, but rather pattern block variants, constructed using traditional methods by our “Master Makers” on vintage machines which have been sourced globally, we challenge that our product is comparable and to the best in the market.