Native Denims

Step 1:
Request your Measuring Kit

First, you need to order your Native Tailor Measuring Kit in advance of placing your on-line order. This will be posted out to you in advance of submitting your final order request. You will be guided through each of the measurement steps required for us to make your perfect fitting jean. We also believe that to appreciate raw denim one needs to touch and feel the cottons from our swatches in order for you to choose the one that suits you best.

Each kit includes our tailors tape, a guide to perfect measuring and 5 sample fabric swatches. This Kit costs €10 including post and packaging but will be deducted from your final price of the jeans you order.

Step 2:
Ordering Online

After receiving your pack in the post you will be able to start measuring like a professional. When you have filled out your measurement card you will then be able to add your measurements to our stock denims before you go to the checkout. Please note that if you have any additional questions or requests our Master Tailor Susan will be available to answer you by mail or by phone on 01 969 6832.

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